Years 6-8

Mr Coburn

As at Feb 2023 - 26 students

I'm excited to join Karangahake School in 2023 and am extremely looking forward to teaching Maunga. I did my teacher training in Australia, teaching there for 10 years before moving to New Zealand just over 6 years ago teaching at a small country rural school.

I am passionate about teaching and learning and getting the best out of each of my students. I plan and implement highly effective and authentic lessons so that each of my students can achieve success. I value the needs of my students and allow them to grow into mature and respectable learners that show pride and resilience. 

I understand the importance of the learning styles of my students and cater for this. This allows my students to work on their work that suits their own needs. Whilst working inside the classroom is vital, l’m also passionate about Education Outside The Classroom and allowing this to enhance my students learning opportunities. I’m excited for 2023 and looking forward to teaching Maunga and becoming involved within the community.