Years 0-2

Mrs Kyd

As at Feb 2023 - 14 students

In Awa Room our teacher is Mrs Trudi Kyd. She has been teaching for 10 years, 5 of those at Karangahake School.

Mrs Kyd's teaching style is to teach the basics well. Students are taught Reading, Writing and Maths 4 days a week, they are also taught handwriting, spelling skills and we have a term inquiry topic. Mrs Kyd's passion is with Visual Art, students learn to create artwork using different materials and techniques. The class is set up with regular routines and students have class duties at the end of the day, to help them respect their class and environment.

For new entrants there is a phonics program that is taught. Part of this program teaches students to blend the letter sounds together to help prepare them for reading skills. New students also learn sight words and when they are ready they practise spelling words.

Students have the use of technology, but there is a limit to their use. At Karangahake School we believe that although technology is important, it has its time and place. The younger students have the use of iPads during Reading and Maths time, the older students have the use of a school chromebook. Being able to write using hands is seen as more favourable than typing on a chromebook. Once students are able, they will be taught to publish a weekly story on their chromebook using DOCs.

Awa students have homework Monday-Thursday which is an extra practise for what is being done during class time. Such as practising their letter sounds, sight words and/or spelling and they read a book. Friday is the testing day to keep track on how their learning has gone. Homework is not expected to take long, simply 10-15 minutes. Maths homework is not given as sometimes parents (although they are trying to help) can unteach the way maths is taught.