Enrolment Scheme -Zone

Below are the proposed Enrolment Scheme (Enrolment Zone) boundaries that will be in place from the beginning of 2023.

A 'Ballot' will be held at least once per term for prospective new enrolments.

The order of consideration in the ballot are as follows:

- Enrolments from within the zone

- Enrolments of siblings of current students

- Enrolments of siblings of former students

- Enrolments of children of former students

- Enrolment of children on employees of the BoT (teachers, support staff etc)

- Enrolments of children from outside the zone

It is important to know that if your children are currently enrolled at Karangahake School and you live outside the zone, your current enrolment will not be affected by the establishment of the Enrolment Scheme or Zone.