Awa Room (meaning river) Year 0 -4

In our Awa Room (year 0-4) we run a structured program of literacy, numeracy and inquiry topic learning. This year we have Mrs Kyd teaching reading and writing in the second and third block, and Ms Hartmann teaches numeracy in the first block. Both teachers are well in sync with expectations and work together for the better of the students. We also have a full time teacher aide (Kelly) who is in Awa room all day, and our other teacher aide (Tahlia) works in our room in the afternoons. Our kids are very lucky to have several adults in the class who are here to help them in anyway they can. All kids have their own chromebook (owned by school), which they work on reading programs, publish their stories and do some researching. In Awa room there is an interactive whiteboard as well. Awa room is well equipped with ICT.

In term 4 (2019) due to an increase in our roll, our middle class will be opening up in the mornings.