At Home Learning

During the Covid 19 lockdown levels 3-4 we are teaching online. Our teachers are having regular 'Zoom' meetings daily with students. Students also have independent work to complete as they can. Each student had their school books and a chromebook delivered within the first week of lockdown to make sure they all had the tools for learning online and during the lockdowns. All our students have been very lucky to have been put on several fantastic online learning programs. These programs should be used as much as they can ,as they are only available to all our students during the lockdowns (what we have been told to date by the program companies). These programs are;

  • WUSHKA (an online Reading program)
  • StepsWeb (a fantastic program that is great for all kids but particularly for students that have dyslexia tendencies)
  • Studyladder (we are using this as an extra Maths boost for kids)

We encourage our students to go on these sites and make the most of this opportunities using these usually expensive programs.